Top quality solar modules for homes and properties catch 18% to 20% of the solar energy available. This is typically 140 watts-180 watts per square metre in full sun from about 10 am to 2 pm. Input tapers off before and after. The most efficient modules are priced accordingly. Buy only these unless you have adequate space for those cheaper but less efficient.

Updated February 2019

Solar Modules – shadowing losses

Another issue with solar modules for homes and properties is a loss of input when your solar modules are shadowed. Some loss is then inevitable. The losses, however, with up-market modules is far less. Attempts here too save money by buying cheap solar modules is counter-productive. See also Solar Shadowing Losses.

Solar Modules for Homes and Properties, Solar Modules for Homes and Properties

Solar Modules – module types

There two main types of solar modules for homes and properties are polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Until recently the latter were more cost-efficient and priced accordingly. The best polycrystalline solar modules are now (2019) of similar efficiency and price. This is not an area to seek bargains. By and large, you pay dollars per actual watt. Not marketing watts!

Solar Modules – the capacity you need 

The capacity you need varies according to your location and the time of year. It also varies with that which you intend to run from it. For that, see our article How much solar energy available – where and when.

Full details of all aspects of this and other related topics are in Solar Success.