As with fridges generally, refrigerators for home and property solar pump heat from inside them to where it does not matter. They circulate a gas (that becomes liquid when compressed) through finned tubes inside the fridge. This gas ‘captures’ the heat. The (now liquified) gas is pumped out and dispersed via external finned tubes. Or, with some fridges, from their metal sides and top.

Refrigerators for Home and Property Solar, Refrigerators for Home and Property Solar


Refrigerators for home and property solar – improved efficiency

Fridges improved in efficiency in recent years. You can make huge savings (by needing less solar/battery capacity) by replacing any made prior to about 2012. Further, big fridges use far less energy pro-rata their volume than small ones. Their major energy loss is via their outer skin. A That skin’s surface area decreases as a percentage of volume. Two 300-litre fridges use almost four times the energy than one of 600 litres.

Much of the energy draw is cooling the content initially. The energy required thereafter compensates for external heat finding its way back in. This may be through inadequate heat insulation, leaking door seals or the fridge being locating next to the oven!

It is vital that fridges be installed correctly. Few are.

The choice and installation of fridges for homes and properties are covered in depth in Solar Success. Solar That Really Works! does likewise for boats, cabins and RVs.